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At St. Panteleymon Medical Centre we give consultations to patients on a referral by the NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund),...

At St. Panteleymon Medical Centre we give consultations to patients on a referral by the NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund), additionally health insured patients or paid consultations.
At our centre work some of the best and most experienced pediatricians in Sofia.

They follow the latest tendencies in pediatrics, constantly increasing their knowledge and skills. Each of our specialists has long experience in diagnosing and treating various children diseases.
During an examination at our centre you would expect a predisposing attitude and an individual approach towards your child.


Preventive medical examinations, monitoring the physical and psycho- emotional development of children aged 0 – 18.
– Monitoring and assessment of neuro – psychic development of children according to their age. Weight and height measuring, measuring of infant head and chest circumference, measuring of arterial blood pressure, assessing psychological development.
– Giving advice on raising a healthy child, nutrition, fitness and physical activity.

Diagnosing and out-patient treatment of children diseases.
We help in colic relief and treatment, treatment of digestion disorders, anaemia, allergic rhinitis, bacterial and viral infections of upper and lower respiratory tract, urological infections and other common children neurological, orthopedic, surgical diseases etc.

Assigning tests so as to confirm or reject a working diagnosis and differential diagnoses. Most tests are laboratory, virological, microbiological and imaging tests.
– Samples collection for microbiological tests;
– Analysis and interpretation of test results.

Follow-up examinations of ill children to assess the effect of assigned and applied treatment.

Manipulations to affect emergency cases with children.
-Venous infusions, muscular and under-the-skin injections etc.

If necessary, you will be referred for a consultation with a specialist –pediatrician or another specialist for defining diagnosis or complex treatment.

Issuing medical documentation, including medical notice, quick notices, an expertise of temporary disability – issuing a sick leave notice to take care of a sick child.

To make an appointment with our pediatricians in Sofia, call us on 0700-17-012.

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