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The ultrasound specialists at St. Panteleymon Medical Centre give consultations and medical check-ups to patients with additio...

The ultrasound specialists at St. Panteleymon Medical Centre give consultations and medical check-ups to patients with additional health insurance or paid consultations.

The ultrasound specialist working at our centre have proved themselves in the field. All of them can boast great experience in diagnosing various problems in both adults and children.


The ultrasound test, known also as echography or sonography, is carried out by our specialists using the most modern ultrasound equipment. The method has been known for over 50 years’ time for being harmless, non-invasive, based on ultrasound waves sent towards the internal body organs. The test dynamics makes it possible to reflect the structure and movement of the body organs and blood vessels.

When can you benefit from an ultrasound scan? The ultrasound test is largely applied to screen or diagnose various diseases and conditions. It is closely related to almost all medical specialties – internal diseases, pediatrics, gastroenterology, surgery, emergency medicine, urology, nephrology, gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology etc.

1. To visualise parenchymal abdominal organs such liver, galdbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidneys – their anatomical structure, but also various pathological changes and processes. Using ultrasound makes it possible to detect various pathological changes such as fluid-filled lesions (cysts, abcess), concrements, inflammatory processes, tumour formations ( to differentiate between benign and malign tumours) .

2. In emergency medicine, it is an irreplaceable method in post-traumatic and acute surgical conditions.

3. It is applicable in pre or post-surgical interventions and ultrasound-guided procedures.

4. Doppler ultrasound is suitable for blood vessels allowing assessment and visualisation of the blood flow in the blood vessels.

5.The method is applicable to evaluate
– thyroid gland – inflammatory diseases, benign diseases, as well as malign tumour processes;
– parotid glands and other salivary glands;
– lymph nodes.

6. Widely applicable in pediatrics due to its harmlessness.

7. Excretory and reproductive organs:
– Kidneys – to visualise normal anatomical structure and function, inborn defects and abnormalities, but also pathological processes – concrements, fluid-filled lesions, inflammatory and tumour processes.
– Bladder – for inflammatory changes, residual urine, diverticulum, concrements and tumour processes.
– Prostate – a main screening method.
– Testicles.
– Uterus and ovaries – subject of gynecology.

8. Mammary glands – the echomamography is a main method of testing and screening for mammary tumours. The method is suitable for all ages.
– for defining various anatomical structures.
– for early diagnostics of mammary cancer, in asymptomatic women.
– inflammatory diseases of the mammary glands.
– to diagnose cyst-like, semi-solid and solid changes.
– Doppler analysis of vessel structures.
– as an additional method to mammographic equipment.
– an only method of screening for women with breast implants.
– in cases of “thick” mammary glands or prosthetic breast reconstruction.
– after mammectomy and radiation therapy.

9. Muscle skeleton echography, as well as for soft-tissue formations which cannot be vusualised by X-rays.

Advantages of the method:

1. No ionizing radiation, which makes it harmless and frequently applicable, if necessary.

2. Painless and non-invasive.

3. A highly accessible method which is performed in real time and allows receiving the results after the test is completed.

4. An ultrasound exam takes about 30 min.

5. Easy preparation: no food is taken 8 to 12 hours before examination and drinking 4 to 6 glasses of water is reccommended prior to the exam.

6. Based on examining doctor’s opinion patients can be referred for additional tests – X-ray, CT scan or MRI.

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