Occupational medicine

Take a look at the services offered by the occopational medicine.

The Occupational Medicine office at St. Panteleymon is your partner and valuable consultant in the field of health and safety at the workplace.


– To prepare your company documentation on the policy of health and safety at work; qualified consultations on all issues and cases, health prevention; adaptation of work places for workers who require special protection;

– To carry out health observation of employees, the specialists at the Occupational Medicine office cooperate with competent teams of doctors at St. Panteleymon Medical Centre in organizing compulsory preventive medical check-ups.

– To prevent and reduce occupational risk, we develop risk assessment as a prerequisite to create good working conditions, ensuring health and safety, motivation for work and a successful business factor.

– To organize and implement the responsibilities of the Groups and Committees on creating and maintaining safe working environment. The specialists at the Occupational Medicine office give consultation assistance – they develop and take active part in the implementation of training programmes for the management, employees and their representatives on the rules of ensuring health and safety at work.

– The Occupational Medicine office helps employers in developing and implementing corrective action in compliance with the prescription of controlling authorities (Labour Inspection).

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