About us

The most important things about us in brief!

Where are we located?
To find out, please go to “Contacts” page.

Do we work with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)?

Our medical centre works with NHIF in the following specialities:

– Pediatrician – children diseases;
– Neurologist;
– Obstetrician-gynecologist;
– Ear, nose and throat;
– Orthopedist-traumatologist;
– Internist -internal diseases;
– Surgeon;
– Endocrinologist;
– Cardiologist;
– Gastroenterologist;
– Eye doctor;
– Psychiatrist;
– Pulmonologist – lung diseases.
The working timetable with NHIF patients can be found on this page.

Who has trusted us?
Over the last 20 years more than 200 000 people have trusted us, visiting our medical centre, trusting the specialists who work for us.

What doctor-specialists work at our centre?
Over 150 doctors, amongst whom 30 specialists of academic rank and national consultatnts, in the following areas:

– Obstetrics and gynecology general surgery;
– Oncosurgery;
– Septic surgery;
– Vascular surgery;
– Breast surgery;
– Urology;
– Orthopedics and traumatology;
– Plastic surgery;
– Neurosurgery;
– Esthetic medicine;
– Internal diseases (internal medicine doctors);
– Cardiology;
– Pulmonology and Phthisiatrics;
– Endocrinology and metabolic disorders;
– Hematology and hemostaseology;
– Rheumatology;
– Nephrology;
– Allergology;
– Gastroenterology;
– Neurology;
– Mammalogy;
– Psychiatry;
– Dermatology (skin and venereal diseases)
– Otorhinolaryngology (ENT diseases)
– Ophthalmology (eye diseases)
– Pediatrics (children diseases)

For more information go to our page “Specialists“.

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