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Ultrasound sector

Ultrasound (including color Doppler), top and bottom Ultrasound examinations with the option of biopsy and polyps removal (all instrumental diagnostic methods including ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs with color Doppler and ultrasound manipulations are performed with video systems, allowing visualization for the patient and video recording of the performed manipulations), the possibility of general anesthesia during the performed manipulations.

THE Ultrasound SECTOR FOR TOP AND LOWER Ultrasound

It has a new generation video system and the highest grade for lower and upper Ultrasound with the full scope of the operational Ultrasound of PENTAX (Japan).

In the Ultrasound SECTOR, a complete set of digestive studies is carried out.

Ultrasound is an important factor in the early detection and prophylaxis of COLD DISEASES.

The sector allows for a wide range of FREE operation interventions. They are performed with ARGON PLASMA COAGULATOR, which provides rapid and bloodless removal of SLEEP PROCESSES.

After such intervention, patients DO NOT LOSE their working capacity and do not have a restraint regime, the recovery period is short and without complications.