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Gynecological Cabinet

Performs ultrasound diagnostics in obstetrics and gynecology (including color Doppler, visualization in front of the patient and video of manipulations), fetal morphology, diagnostics and traceability of normal and pathological pregnancy, monitoring of children's heart tones (including twins) diagnosis of gynecological neoplasms, making gynecological materials for biopsy (including general anesthesia), video colposcopy with the possibility of visualization in front of the patient and video recording of manipulations, diathermocoagulation and others. rare manipulations.

Gynecological cabinet - fully equipped with:

- The latest model MEDISSON SX6 ultrasonic digital camera model with visualization of the LCD monitor in front of the patient with the possibility of recording the performed study

- Newest optical colposcope model with Liesgang built-in digital video camera and visualization capability of the patient's LCD monitor

- New automatic electric gynecological chair, creating comfort for the patient

- New electronics, enabling the fabrics to be sparingly handled

- A new heart rate monitor for twin heart rate monitors