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Ophthalmology cabinet

Complete range of diagnostic operations for the front and rear eye segment, determination of visual acuity with all the most advanced methods in combination and separately, visualization and video recording of the performed manipulations with the latest video camera and biomicroscope. The office is equipped with state-of-the-art ophthalmology equipment and has unique diagnostic capabilities for tracking glaucoma patients.

Ophthalmology cabinet fully equipped with the latest equipment compactly located on the ophthalmic unit TOPCON

- latest generation biomedicroscope with GOLDMANN toner and digital

- a camera of TOPCON (Japan), which allows visualization of the physician's work including the patient's medical history and storage of the video from the procedures performed, as well as the most accurate diagnostics,

- latest generation autorefractometer with keratometer and contactless tonometer as well as NIDEK (Japan) patchimeter for precise visual acuity

- a new automated projector of NIDEK (Japan), a viewing table with a synchronized control panel for the other measuring instruments

- a new NIDEK (Japan) electronic foctor, replacing the measurement of visual acuity by frames and glasses

- an entirely new toolbox for outpatient examinations and manipulations by companies with traditions in the relevant production was purchased